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My target 500 kms

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

I’m doing the JDRF One Ride to raise funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research! This means I will be riding from 1st to 30th September 2021 to achieve my KM target while competing against other cyclists across Australia.

This year is particularly significant for the T1D community as it marks 100 years since the discovery of insulin. Despite many advances in the past century, insulin remains the only treatment option for people living with type 1 diabetes. This means the needles, injections, finger pricks, bulky devices and constant monitoring remain a part of everyday life for anyone living with this condition. 

JDRF is the largest funder of T1D research in the world and believes we shouldn't have to wait another 100 years for the next major breakthrough.

DONATE NOW to support me so we can help change the lives of more than 125,000 Australians living with T1D.

Let’s make type 1 diabetes a memory, not a milestone. Thank you!

My Updates

End of week 4

Tuesday 28th Sep
Job Done! 500k for JDRF. What a month it has been. For the past 3 days, I have finally had gorgeous spring weather to ride in and I'm glad that I've cracked the 500 before this low-pressure system of rain and storms comes across from the West. Cycling has so much in common with living with T1. To get the best out of it you have to keep putting one foot down in front of the other. You have to manage your life with some sort of consistency getting up every morning at more or less the same time, managing food and exercise to get the best outcomes possible from your insulin routine. But unlike diabetes, you can put the bike away every now and then and have a rest from it all. As with bikes, technology has come a long way and helps enormously, but even with the best technology, diabetes still manages to outsmart us and catch us out with hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Our bodies never react in the same way on any given day to insulin, and we still live with the fear of a sudden low, leading to a loss of consciousness or an embarrassing situation at work or school. We still live with the fear of long-term complications, which are not necessarily a result of anything we have or haven't done. We still live with the fact that without injected insulin, we die. Technology is not a cure. That's why I keep riding and asking for your support to help JDRF progress the research that one day will mean another generation will live without the fears that accompany me every day of my life. 

The Long Road

Tuesday 28th Sep

End of week 3

Tuesday 21st Sep
When I started this I genuinely thought I’d be lucky to reach 250 km. Here I am at the end of week three with 373.76 km ticked off and eight days left to go to cover the final 126.24 to reach that goal of 500k. I took the opportunity this week, being in a regional Victorian town, to get out camping, visiting Port Welshpool and Won Wron State forest to get in a couple of crazy headwind smashing dirt road rides.  After all the hill climbing around my home town over the past three weeks I managed the 40 - 50 knot headwinds going out and loved the return rides to base camp. Living with Type one teaches you lots of things about resilience and perseverance & I’ve definitely needed to draw down on those lessons with the insane spring weather we’ve experienced in Victoria this month. 

End of week 2

Tuesday 14th Sep
Wow! I really didn't think I was going to get through this week. What a tough one. The weather threw everything it could at me, wind, rain and hail, but the wind was the worse. One day there were gusts of up to 45klm per hour. Continuing to ride becomes a game of strategy, not just a fitness test. Being a bit older and carrying a few more war wounds and an accumulation of chronic illnesses, takes strategising achieving goals to a whole other level! But we did it! This week I'm over halfway through my 500k goal. I just had to tip out the scales with an extra 2.6k, leaving only 247.4k to go. Just like people and families living with T1 do it every day of their lives, (me too), keeping on going is in our DNA. Being tough and getting on your bike has got nothing compared with living with Type 1 diabetes. Your help in donating to keep JDRF searching for a real cure gives me so much inspiration. Every time I push that bit harder I think of you, the people who've got my back and are so generous with their support. Let's see what next week brings!

End of week 1

Monday 6th Sep
Wow! I can't believe it. Your support and faith in me, have helped me push the limits this week and exceed my Week 1 goal by 11k!  What a fantastic way to get started. In a week where the weather has not always been encouraging, just knowing that there are people out there who have been prepared to donate kept me keen to get out and face the cool temperatures and the wind and the rain. With a better forecast for the coming week, (starting on Wednesday 8th), I'm hoping to step it up another level with more back-to-back rides and longer distances. Let's see what I can do!

It's getting real

Monday 30th Aug
I must be nuts. It's a long long time since I rode the Audax 100 & 200k rides. All I've been doing for the last year is riding 8k loops to the shops! I've been slowly increasing my rides back up to 20k loops over the last few weeks. 
So here's the ride plan:
Week 1: 4 x 20k + 2 local shopping rides = 96k
Week 2: 5 x 20k + 2 local shopping rides = 116k
Week 3: 6 x 25k = 150k
Week 4: 7 x 20k = 140k
Cumulative total = 502k
Now it's time to take a big  breath and don't look back!

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