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Riding 250km's to change lives

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I'm fundraising for Type1 Diabetes Research!

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 30 years (31 in Sept). I'm extremely fortunate to have been born in an era where modern synthetic life-saving insulin is available. In fact, this year is the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Fact: when I was young, I injected insulin extracted from cows.

Despite the amazing advances science gives us, diabetes is a full time job and then some, outside of our normal lives. I use everything at my disposal - Continuous glucose monitoring costing $330/month, closed loop insulin pump control, and we even trained our Groodle Lumi to alert to my blood sugar fluctuations.

But...any slight advance in technology and the work JDRF does make diabetic lives easier, and reduces the complications which can arise.

I have a bunch of health issues, but I'm committing to riding to hopefully delay further complications. I'd love you to also do what you can, and donate to JDRF. Whether for a cure or just to ensure so little kid can enjoy a great childhood, please help out!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Phiroze Dalal




David Twine

Go for it Phil!



As long as you don't go sideways :)


Bek B

Well done Phil! Looking forward to progress updates 😀



Go get 'em, Phil!


Rob Hull

From #2 to #1


Kate Taylor

Well done darling, you are incredible and how you cope in your daily struggles inspires me every day. God bless and you’ve got this! Go team! Xoxo


Mark And Dan Norris

Awesome Phil! You can do it x



All the best with the ride Phil. I think I remember you riding through that dam - Trevallyn Reserve maybe?


Elizabeth Joseph

For my beautiful niece Aenorah who has T1…go Phil! Just an amazing thing to do!


Keren Jamieson

Keep pedaling Phil - just mind you don't fall off! 😜


Phil & Sharon Hunter


Charles Frewen

Congrats on your great effort Phil. You will achieve this goal as you have so well achieved in life. Well done!


Dave D

Go Phil, you are giving it your best shot! Do cows donate pancreases?


Derek Ker

Ride safe!


Kyle Gilroy

happy to help in anyway


Andy Jess Mansfield

On Ya Phil


Flood Rural

All the best Phil , well done


Tara Osborne

Hope this helps Phil!


Michael M

Great riding and fundraising Phil, God bless with the daily struggles of being a T1D.




Michael Jeffrey

Awesome work Phil !!!